“For the past decade, I have been selling wine to some of my closest and most discriminating friends. I have been able to find wines that are not only delicious but often times from unfamiliar producers, “great finds.” The best part of all is the price: your cost is wholesale plus 15%. I am typically able to offer incredible deals from my suppliers. I find deals on “multiple case buys” that, often time, lowers the price below the normal wholesale price, even after adding the 15% fee. You gain the benefit of my tasting over 1,500 wines every year, picking my favorites and offering great buys. I pick the best wines at the best prices to offer my restaurant guests and I will do the same for you! Lastly, I will keep track of your purchases to help create a profile of your likes and dislikes making it easier to suggest wines that you might enjoy.”
~ John H. Worthington

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